African Indigenous Medicinal Plants: We Grow

Muthi Futhi cultivates a wide range of indigenous medicinal plants (list) in Dakeni, many of which are increasingly difficult to obtain from other sources. All original plant stock has been sourced from registered nurseries, not from the wild. Plants are grown in a permaculture system, and are then harvested, processed and packed on site.

Although over 40 species are cultivated on site, Muthi Futhi can also source plant material from other certified growers to meet customer needs.

Certificates of analysis are available for all raw material produced; these provide key information on the product, critical for quality assurance. We also partner with a laboratory specialising in traditional herbal products, which can provide a wider range of analytical services.

Muthi Futhi is compliant with environmental and other regulations; the Trust was awarded a Bio-prospecting Permit from the Department of Environmental Affairs, and a ToPS permit from Ezemvelo Wildlife, in 2011.

Acorus Calamus

Latin: Acorus Calamus
English: Sweet Flag/ Calomel
Zulu: ikalamuzi

Albuca Fastigiata

Latin: Albuca Fastigiata
English: White Albuca
Zulu: umaphipha intelezi

Alepidea Amatymbica

Latin: Alepidea Amatymbica
English: Giant Alepidea
Zulu: ikhathazo

Bulbine Natalensis

Latin: Bulbine Natalensis
English: Bulbine
Zulu: ibhucu

Capparis Tomentosa

Latin:Capparis Tomentosa
English: Woolly Caper-bush
Zulu: iqwaningi

Carissa Macrocarpa

Latin: Carissa Macrocarpa
English: Large Num Num
Zulu: unthungulu

Clivia Miniata

Latin: Clivia Miniata
English: Benediction Lily
Zulu: Umayime

Eucomis Autumnalis

Latin: Eucomis Autumnalis
English: Pineapple Flower
Zulu: Umathunga

Gunnera Perpensa

Latin: Gunnera Perpensa
English: River Pumpkin
Zulu: Ugobho

Hypoxis Hemerocallidea

Latin: Hypoxis Hemerocallidea
English: African Potato
Zulu: Inkomfe

Mondia Whitei

Latin: Mondia Whitei
English: White’s Ginger
Zulu: Umondi Umhlope

Ornithogalum longibracteatum

Latin: Ornithogalum Longibracteatum
English: Pregnant Onion
Zulu: Umbabaza

Scilla Natalensis

Latin: Scilla Natalensis
English: Blue Squill
Zulu: Inguduza

Siphonocilus Aethiopicus

Latin: Siphonochilus Aethiopicus
English: Wild Ginger
Zulu: Isiphephetho

Tulbargia Violacea

Latin: Tulbargia Violacea
English: Wild Garlic
Zulu: Isweli lezinyoka

Aloe Aristata

Latin: Aloe Aristata
English: Long-Awned Aloe
Zulu: Umathithibala

Aloe Ferox

Latin: Aloe Ferox
English: Bitter Aloe
Zulu: Umhlaba

Artemisia Afra

Latin: Artemisia Afra
English: African Wormwood
Zulu: Umhlonyane

Bersama Lucens

Latin: Bersama Lucens
English: Glossy Bersama
Zulu: Undiyaza

Gasteria Croucherii

Latin: Gasteria Croucherii
English: Gasteria
Zulu: Impundu

Haworthia Limifola

Latin: Haworthia Limifola
English: Haworthia

Senecio Serrathuloides

Latin: Senecio Serrathuloides
English: Two Day Cure
Zulu: Insukumbili

Tetradenia Riparia

Latin:Tetradenia Riparia
English: Ginger Bush
Zulu: Iboza

Bowiea Volubilis

Latin: Bowiea Volubilis
English: Climbing Potato

Dioscorea Sylvatica

Latin: Dioscorea Sylvatica
English: Forest Elephant Foot
Zulu: Ufudu-Intelezi/Ingwevu

Kigelia Africana

Latin: Kigelia Africana
English: Sausage Tree
Zulu: Umfongothi

Acacia Xanthophyloea

Latin: Acacia xanthophloea
English: Fever Tree
Zulu: Umhlosinga/ Umkhanyakude

Acokanthera Oppositifolia

Latin: Acokanthera Oppositifolia
English: Common Poison Bush
Zulu:Uhlunguyembe/ Umkhwangu

Afzelia Quanzensis

Latin: Afzelia Quanzensis
English: Pod Mahogany
Zulu: Inkehli

Combretum Krausii

Latin:Combretum Krausii
English: Forest Bush Willow
Zulu: Umdubu

Cordia Caffra

Latin: Cordia Caffra
English: Fever Bark
Zulu: Umkhanyakude

Harpephyllum Caffra

Latin: Harpephyllum Caffra
English: Wild Plum
Zulu: Umgwenya

Heteropyxis Natalensis

Latin: Heteropyxis Natalensis
English: Weeping Lavender
Zulu: Umhlahleni/Inkunzi

Leonotis Leonorus

Latin: Leonotis Leonorus
English: Wild Dagga
Zulu: Umunyane

Margaritaria Discoidea

Latin: Margaritaria Discoidea
English: Pheasant Berry
Zulu: Umkhwangu

Ocotea Bullata

Latin: Ocotea Bullata
English: Black Stinkwood
Zulu: Unukani

Schotia Brachypetala

Latin: Schotia Brachypetala
English: Weeping Boer-Bean
Zulu: Ihluze

Sclerocarya Birrea

Latin: Sclerocarya Birrea
English: Marula
Zulu: Umganu

Warburgia Salutaris

Latin: Warburgia Salutaris
English: Pepper Bark
Zulu: Isibaha

Zanthoxylum Capense

Latin: Zanthoxylum Capense
English: Small Knobwood
Zulu: Umnungamabele